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Local SEO Ranking Formula

Greetings SEO Infidels! Today I have an awesome post the will literally outline the steps needed to rank a local niche site. I haven’t put out any good posts lately because I’ve been in the kitchen cooking up some sweet new software and testing new methods for getting rankings.

This post was put together by myself and my good friend, Sam R. from Australia. Sam works in really tough niches and knows what it takes to get people ranking. He and I sat down and came up with a plan that will allow you to ranking using mainly services offered here at SEO Khan. I think you’ll really dig this post and if you follow the steps you can rank almost any site in any local niche.

Sam’s Rank and Rent SEO Breakdown – Costs Included

One of the barriers for beginners is the vague price tag associated with SEO. If you’ve wanted to set up your own SEO Agency and rank local sites knowing the start up cost is key. Can a beginner get it off the ground cheaply? What’s more can it also be done price-efficiently using paid services?

If you’re one of the more lazy SEO’s like me, then having most of the work done for you also removes one of the barriers, as after all, the workload looks huge. What I wanted, as an SEO start up was:

1. The majority of the work done for me.
2. Clarity of pricing for proper budgeting.
3. A clear cut no B.S system for ranking.

SEO Khan’s ranking method was revealed in his previous post. After private communications this is proven to be something he really does and it works. In this post we focus on the cost of each phase, revealing how much investment is really required in order to get your first local Rank and Rent site off the ground.

Most of the services used to get each job done are found right here on this site. Getting the Domain SEO Khan’s first advice to me was this:

“I start my local sites out on expired domains that already have niche related links. I just started a lawyer site and once I put the content up it already ranked on the top of page for the big money keyword.”

This makes total sense. We are piggy backing on someone else’s hard work. This will give leverage to our new local site, help it rank faster and make it more competitive against any local competition.

Domain Price: an aged domain can cost anywhere from $10.00 to $150.00. Being your first site you’d want to budget for around $60.00. You can actually hire SEO Khan using this service to select your domain. This cost just $11.19.

Alternatively you can do it on with this gig here. This guy promises to give five expired domains CF 20+ TF 20+. However as we all know results on always vary. Cheap means more risk.

• $11.19 domain hunting.
• $15.00 expired domain purchase.

Buying Domain Cost: $27.00

Backlinks and Authority Building

Let’s take a look at the entire ranking method and individual cost for each link building phase.

Backlinks. Phase 1


In a private conversation SEO Khan said phase 1 is: “Local listings – all big name directories and any non-spammy ones.” Here you avoid all those cheap citation blasts at all cost. Anything promising 200 citations for around thirty dollars is a waste of time. Instead quality is key. You’ll already need to have your Google Business Page ready and the website already done.

You can easily write your own articles, focus on just three, or you can order them from SEO Khan like I do. I pay around $85.00 for content. Having your NAP (Name, Address Phone Number) match between your Google Business Page and website is critical. Your citations will match as well. If you don’t use call forwarding, virtual phone numbers etc then just use a bullshit fake number. You can always change that later after the site sells.

Alternatively once a client buys the Rank and Rent site you can just stick an image of their contact details onto the site, so there is no conflict with the client’s real site and you maintain your link juice from your citations.

The final alternative is to use the Double Agent plugin. This cool plugin allows you to patch any site over the top of yours, very easy to set up and demo.

Your local listings budget could start from $60 to $150.00. A solid $400.00 would nail it, but hit it with the two major listings and see how it goes. Citations Cost: $150.00

Backlinks Phase 2

Forum Profiles

These can be done manually, simply by signing up. They need to be niche related. You could get it done on Start with just twenty of them.

Forum Profiles Cost: $5.00

Backlinks Phase 3

Social Properties + Phase 4 IFTTT Syndication

This phase is all about building your brand. If things get posted to your blog you want it syndicated on auto post to all of your social networks. I recommend, where you can get it done for around $30.00 with twenty channels. Supply your logo etc and they do it for you. Alternatively you can hit again. This time the services are quality, with lots of top rated sellers. It cost around $15.00 and if you really want to get groovy you can build tiered IFTT.

This means Tier 1 is branded and Tier 2 are ‘personal’ accounts that automatically share the same in their own syndicated network. My recommendation is to first do your brand IFTT. On the second round of monthly spending you can add in syndicated tiers.

IFTT Creation Cost: $20.00

Backlinks Phase 5

Press Release

You need a press release to generate buzz. Without it your links and social shares just look a bit too suspicious in the eyes of the Big G. seems to be the bet resource here. Press Release Cost: $20.00

Backlinks Phase 6

GSA Tier 2 Links

SEO Khan recommends GSA SER links to the press release and social properties. But what kind of quality? The higher the better obviously. Your budget here will dictate.

If you have GSA SER yourself and have your own target sites then brilliant. RankerX will also do the job. Again you could nail it on

The interview said “If you’re sending GSA links to press releases you want to apply some filters and restrictions to not send complete garbage links.”

GSA Tier Two Links: $10.00

*Stop building links for 2-3 weeks and let your rankings settle. This gives the links time to get indexed and keeps you safe.

Backlinks Phase 7

10-20 TF Tumbler Blogs

Here we look for high Trust Flow and Citation Flow Tumbler blogs. You could use domain hunter gatherer for this task and register them. If you’re lazy like me, then you’ll pay someone to do it. SEO Khan offers this service here. The package includes ten high TF Tumbler blogs, plus custom headers, profile images etc. These are TF5+ provided for $139.00.

On the other hand at you can get the blogs with the right metrics for around $25.00 but you have to customize those yourself. When using them SEO Khan says “I use exact match anchor text on these. Whatever my big money keyword is will go here.”

High TF Tumbler Blogs Cost: $79.00

Backlinks Phase 8

Web 2.0’s + Profiles

SEO Khan said “I use generic anchors here to avoid penalty.” It should be noted that if you went ahead and bought the Penguin Puncher package from this site you also have these profiles and Web 2.0’s included. Cost Web 2.0’s + Profiles: Paid in Penguin Puncher Package.

GSA Tier 2

This is to power up these Tumblers, Web Profiles and 2.0 blogs. According to SEO Khan “You can hammer social profiles with cheap GSA links no problem.” The Tumbler blogs however need some more quality.

Cost of GSA Tier 2: Included in Penguin Puncher Package.

Backlinks Phase 9:

GSA High CF/TF Power Up

If you have GSA and want to do this yourself here is what the interview said: “On your T1 GSA links I set the software not to post to any site that has more than 50 outbound links, no bad words like dick or fuck, no sites with just an IP address for the domain, etc. But for a Tier 2 link blast I would loosen up the settings to try to get a higher volume of links without a bunch of junk.”

Or, you get the High CF/TF GSA package here. Normally you wouldn’t unleash GSA SER on your money site. However here, with these settings, you are getting a higher quality of links. It’s all about using the right settings, which forces GSA to provide quality. The target sites must have high TF/CF and less than 75 outbound links.

GSA High CF/TF Power Up: $64.99

Again SEO Khan says “Wait 1-2 Weeks to Let Rankings Settle.

Backlinks Phase 10

PBN Links

Now we turn up the authority of our site by getting a wallop of high power. Just a total of ten high powered PBN links will do. You are looking for a source from BHW or Source Market, which will provide either home page links.

You’ll have to do some hunting here. Generally you’ll pay between $10 to $20.00 per link for this kind of horsepower. Make sure you use exact match anchors here for your KW’s.

PBN Links Cost: $200.00

And now, the final ingredient: “-Wait 1 Month-” “Repeat as needed.”

Maintaining Your Site and Rankings

Once your site is nicely ranked it shouldn’t be too hard to keep it there. Now you can go ahead and let someone else do the grunt work for you. You’ve built a powerful site, so its time to reap the rewards.

Web Ranker 2.0 offers a great service for local rankings. It offers a healthy mix of local niche and city citations. The rest is about diversity. naturally you’ll want to power up these links with some tiered links. Again you can do this on for around ten dollars.

The cost on the Web Ranker 2.0 package is just $147.00 a month. If you need to ever give the site a spike you can repeat the whole process above.

Monthly maintenance cost: $160.00

Costing the Entire Project

This is everything added up together if you didn’t do much work yourself.

1. Buying Domain Cost: $27.00
2. Citations Cost: $150.00
3. Forum Profiles Cost: $5.00
4. IFTT Creation Cost: $20.00
5. Press Release Cost: $20.00
6. GSA Tier Two Links: $10.00
7. High TF Tumbler Blogs Cost: $79.00*
8. Cost Web 2.0’s + Profiles: Paid in Penguin Puncher Package.
9. Cost of GSA Tier 2: Included in Penguin Puncher Package.
10. GSA High CF/TF Power Up: $65.00*
11. PBN Links Cost: $200.00

TOTAL COST: 557.00

Monthly maintenance cost: $160.00

Obviously, if you can use GSA yourself, build an IFTT network you are going to save money. The total using your own GSA SER and time cost: $380.00

Important Resources

Conclusion (by SEO Khan)

If you found this post helpful you should head over to the LCT Facebook Group and tell Sam R. thanks. He took the time to put this whole thing together instead of hoarding this strategy for himself.

If you are unclear of anything or need help, simply comment below and Sam or I will answer you.

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15 thoughts on “Step by Step Local Ranking Formula | Rank and Rent”

  1. Is it still possible to even make money this way with the addition of a bunch of Google ads at the top of serps and the 3 pack. Do you think this is a bad thing to get started with at this stage in the game? Also, how do you get citations for addresses in multiple cites when you really don’t even have 1 real address anywhere near where you are trying to rank and rent?

    1. Hey Ryan,

      I think rank and rent and/or local gen is a viable business. Google puts ads at the top but a lot of savvy users just skip them over. I have heard about the new ads in the map pack but I have not witnessed it live just yet.

      Getting into the map pack is much more difficult than ranking at the top of the organic search. You can rank in the organic search for multiple cities by creating different pages for each city you want to rank for. Proper use of H1, H2, and Schema markup will help you rank for those areas.

      Once you have a strong organic ranking you could get a virtual address to verify your GMB listing and rank in the map pack.

      If you’re just starting out you’ll want to focus on organic rankings in low competition areas.

      1. Hi,

        “Once you have a strong organic ranking you could get a virtual address to verify your GMB listing and rank in the map pack”.

        It means we’ll be ranking our site for organic results and then for local over rent?

        Look forward to hearing back.


        Nand K.

        1. I don’t fully understand your question. What the article is saying is: focus on organic rankings first. Then, verify your Google My Business Listing and start trying to rank in the map pack.

          You would still be renting the site once it’s ranked.

  2. Thanks for sharing all this info. I’m pretty new to this game and am trying to follow along as best I can. Can you elaborate more on GSA Tier 2 Links and point me a resource to get them created? I looked on fiverr as you recommended and the service providers look super spammy. Any pointers you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I notice you offer your GSA SER Link Blast service for Tier 2. Is 10,000 good number to get started with? (Backlinks Phase 6)


  3. I’m really interested in starting this strategy but I’m still unsure of how the citations would work if I don’t have a physical address? Do you just make one up and then change it once the website is rented?

    1. You can make one up but just be sure to pick a location that has multiple businesses at the same address. If you make enough citations Google will add your business to Google Maps automatically.

      Most rank and rent websites are focused on generating phone calls, not walk in traffic. So in most cases the address doesn’t matter.

      Another option would be to use an overlay plugin like X-Ray SERP to overlay your client’s site.

      1. Thanks for the clarification! I’ve read this article at least 10 times already trying to get a real clear understanding of this. The only other thing I’m not quite sure on is purchasing the expired domain. I plan to use your service to find one in the niche I’m going after but I’m wondering, is the domain I end up purchasing going to be the money site to be rented or is it intended for a PBN? Thanks again, and I love the info on this blog!

  4. A quick question re: the long term prospects of R&R websites: It seems to me that a lot rides on the EMD. Google has already penalized (to some degree) EMD’s in general search, but so far have left local search alone. Is it far assumption to make that they will eventually do the same to local websites, rendering local EMD’s worthless?

    1. EMDs are not necessary to rank in the local search results. EMDs can help for sure, but you can rank any site for any search term regardless of the domain name.

      With EMDs you need to pay attention to your anchor text ratio to avoid a penalty. Use more generic anchors in your backlinks to avoid over-optimization.

      I’m fairly certain that Google is not penalizing EMDs because they are EMDs, but because of highly optimized anchor text. It probably seems like Google is going after EMDs but it’s likely just an algorithm update that happens to effect more EMDs than non EMDs.

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