Big Article Scraper Review – Is it really worth buying?

Big Article Scraper Review

Big Article Scraper Review

I recently purchased Big Article Scraper because I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the quality of articles being produced by Kontent Machine. Big Article Scraper claims to provide the highest quality content that you can even use on on Tier 1 properties. I was a little skeptical so I decided to sign up for the $1 trial that would allow me to test the features. I already have a subscription to Spin Rewriter and Big Article Scraper can use the Spin Rewriter API to produce Spintax. I was skeptical because Kontent Machine also uses the Spin Rewriter API and I don’t really feel comfortable using KM for tier 1 content even on it’s highest quality setting.

So basically I needed a solution that would give me high quality relevant articles in either Spintax or unique spun text. I didn’t need a high volume content source for the lower tiers because KM works extremely well for that purpose.

Quality of Big Article Scraper Output

Whether you choose to generate spintax or spun text, the quality of Big Article Scraper is very high. The sentences are coherent and you don’t get very many errors. The only issue that I have experienced is when you search using a keyword, sometimes the articles are off topic. For example, I searched for UAV and got an article about Skyrim. I can see how the software made the connection and all of the articles were on topic but I think the developer could look into improving the search system.

Now don’t me wrong, I LOVE using Big Article Scraper and it literally saves me at least one hour every day if not more. There isn’t a faster way to generate content that can be used on money sites and tier one properties.

Exporting Spun Content

After your articles have finished being scraped and spun, you can export them in several different formats. If you have chosen to export spintax you can download file formats that are compatible with GSA SER and Ultimate Demon. This makes importing your articles into these programs a breeze. You can also download your articles in a ZIP file which can then be extracted or imported directly into programs like RankerX.

Big Article Scraper saves your twenty most recent scrapes in case you need to download them again later.

Compatibility With Other Services

Big Article Scraper is compatible with a wide range of outside services. Spin Rewriter, The Best Spinner, and WordAi integrate seamlessly. I personally use Spin Rewriter and I’m extremely happy with the results. The only drawback to using Spin Rewriter is that you can only spin 10 articles at one time. I’m not sure if WordAi or The Best Spinner support larger spins but if they do it would be a good thing.

As mentioned earlier, Big Content Search creates export files that can be imported directly into GSA SER and Ultimate Demon. I have imported these files with great success and I’m happy with the process overall.

Overall Impressions

Big Article Scraper performs very well and serves it’s purpose perfectly. If you need higher quality content generation solution then you should definitely look into getting Big Article Scraper. I use it every day and I cannot count the hours it has saved me from copying and pasting content into a spinner.

Like I said before, my only complaint is that I can only spin 10 articles at a time. However, I am using Spin Rewriter so that that may be the reason. If you are planning to use The Best Spinner or WordAi you might be able to spin more articles at one time.

If you find yourself spending a ton of time sourcing content then this web app is for you. If you spend say, 30 minutes per day finding to content spin and you charge your clients only $60 per hour, it costs you $30 per day to get your content. Big Article Scraper can shave that time down by a large margin which will let you make more money.

You can buy a yearly subscription for $97 so that means you can get up to 500 unique articles every day for just $.26 cents per day! That is a huge savings!

If you want to buy Big Article Scraper please click on the banner below. Buy this service via SEO Khan will help us to keep our prices low and provide you with the highest quality services.

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