Facebook Ads Lead Gen Campaign

The ultimate lead generation solution for your clients. Our Facebook lead form ads program works like a charm, delivering hundreds of leads to your client every single month. We recommend that you charge your client $1000-$1500 per month.


$299.00 / 30 days

What’s included:

  • Campaign setup
  • Ad designs
  • Lead form setup with Zapier intgration
  • Automated text message response to all form submissions
  • Call tracking: +$10 per month
  • Ongoing campaign management

Best niches: Med spa (botox, ED, etc.), dental, dental implants, roofing, carpet cleaning, home services, etc.

Worst niches: Emergency or on-demand niches such as emergency dental, AC repair, towing, etc.

Guarantee: In the dental implant or Botox niches, we will guarantee 100 leads per month if the client ad spend is greater than $500.


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