RankerX Tutorial – How to Add Your Private Blog Network

rankerx tutorial guide

How to Manage Your Private Blog Network Using RankerX

As many of you might know, RankerX is a wildly useful tool. Not only can it do the basics like create and post to websites, it can actually manage your private networks of Web 2.0 blogs, PBN sites, and social media accounts. This makes it easy to build up powerful networks and post them quickly when needed.

This means that you can have a huge network of sites that you can sell links on with ease. Imagine being able to sell links on your high TF Web 2.0 blogs and then having to spend less than 5 minutes completing the service. Time is money in the internet marketing world and RankerX will definitely save you plenty of time!

Adding Your Private Blogs

Adding your private blogs is as easy as typing a few lines of text in the correct format. Where GSA SER uses “:” as a separator, RankerX uses “|”. That’s really the only difference. If you have accounts that were formatted for GSA SER then you might have to load them into a text editor like the one found in Scrapebox. You can find a free text editor here but it’s features are a little limited.

For this tutorial we are going to add a Tumblr blog since they are likely the most common type of PBN being added. Here is the format for adding a Tumblr blog to RankerX:


You can also bulk upload sites by pasting them into the bulk upload section. When using this feature you cannot add WordPress blogs and other blogs at the same time. You must add the WP blogs by themselves and select the check box indicating that you are importing WordPress sites.

Adding Blogs from RankerX Projects

RankerX gives you the ability to add blogs to your private network that were previously created during your campaigns. This comes in handy if you used RankerX to create a premium Web 2.0 network for a client and you want to use the properties for content syndication.

One really cool thing you can do is create a mass network of premium Web 2.0 blogs and then power them up with GSA links from SEO Khan. This will give your network some power and allow you to boost your client’s in a safe and effective way. Most clients I’ve used this for have seen a fast increase in their rank. It won’t take them from page 50 to page 1 but it will allow you to show them some results quickly and help build your credibility.

Adding Self Hosted Blogs

You can follow the same steps listed above to add your own self hosted WordPress PBNs. Sadly, you cannot add self-hosted sites from other platforms like Drupal or Joomla but most PBNs are powered by WordPress so this probably won’t be a problem.

Posting to Your RankerX Managed PBN

Once you have your sites loaded you are going to want to test them to make sure they work. In order to do this I usually create a brand new campaign called “Private Network.” Alternately you could choose the Private Network project from inside of any campaign but I like to keep my private blog postings separate.

Once you have the campaign setup you simply select the private network project and follow the prompts. You’ll quickly see that this is the fastest way to manage your PBN sites.

*Note: I have had problems in the past with Tumblr blogs. Tumblr adds numerous pop-ups inside their platform which can confuse automated posting software. If some of your Tumblr blogs are failing, log in manually and allow Tumblr to display the pop-ups. This should carve a path for RankerX to be able to post. 

*Note 2: Another potential problem with Tumblr is their security settings. If you create the blog from on IP address and try to post from another it might trigger a ReCaptcha verification. It doesn’t happen all the time but I have had several blogs become ineligible for RankerX posting because of this.

Other Sites You Can Post On

RankerX also allows you to add a variety of other types of sites. You can add social bookmarking platforms, PDF platforms, and article directories. This one of the best features of the software and makes your job as an SEO a lot easier once you get all your sites loaded into the system.

Additionally, you can your own custom sites to RankerX as long as they are a supported platform. This is a tutorial for another post but the feature is there if you need it.

Pictures and Walk Through

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rankerx private sites

Click “Private Networks” to be taken to the area where you can add your own sites.

After you create a new private network, click the "eye" icon to be taken here. This is where you add and remove your sites.

After you create a new private network, click the “eye” icon to be taken here. This is where you add and remove your sites.

rankerx tutorial guide

Click the drop down menu and select the platform you wish to add. Notice the many platforms available for use.

rankerx detailed tutorial

Add your private blogs in the format shown. Make sure you use the “|” as a separator and not the “:” which is used in in GSA SER.

upload sites to RankerX

If you have many sites you can upload them by pasting the info in the Bulk Upload screen. Easy peezy!

rankerX tutorial

Finally, you can go to a campaign and select the Private Blog project in order to post to your new sites. This is where the fun begins!

buy rankerX

If you liked our tutorial please consider clicking here to purchase RankerX!

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4 thoughts on “RankerX Tutorial – How to Add Your Private Blog Network”

  1. When using Ranker X i have found that it adds way too many no follow links.
    Is this an issue and is there a way to fix it?

    1. Out of the box RankerX comes with sites you can post to already installed and yes, a lot are nofollow. The way around this is to add your own sites. You would need Scrapebox (or other scraper) and some footprints but you can add your own sites to RankerX as long as the site is on a supported platform.

      Here is a list of footprints: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/491042-get-huge-search-engine-optimization-footprints-collections-4.html

      You can find supported platforms by looking on the RankerX website. Good luck!

  2. Great write up – just trying to add my Tumblrs into a private network but I can add more than 8 – it just overwrites the last one with any new ones – have you come across that issue? Loving the tutorial though – thank you.

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