Review: Scrapebox SENuke VPS – All in One SEO Tools Provider

Review: Scrapebox SENuke VPS - All in One SEO Tools Provider

VPS Loaded with All SEO Tools – Is it too good to be true?

While scrolling through some of the Facebook groups I noticed several users asking about this VPS provider that will give you a VPS loaded with SEO software and tools for around $40 per month. This is a really great deal considering the package comes with literally thousands of dollars worth of software.

The company I am reviewing: Scrapebox SENuke VPS has several different packages with various SEO tools. Screaming Frog, SENuke TNG, GSA SER, are included in the package and the provider claims these softwares will work flawlessly.

The Sign Up Process

The sign up process is relatively simple. Just pick your package and pay via Paypal. About 4-5 hours later you are sent login instructions to log in using VMWare Client.

I chose to select the $40 per month plan because I thought many users would want access to GSA SER and you don’t get SER with $30 plan (allegedly the $30 option is the most popular).

Here’s a list of the tools you get for $40 (copied from their website):

  • GSA Breaker
  • GSA Ranker
  • GSA Indexer
  • Lead Generation Tools (HOT!)
  • Ahrefs
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • SEnuke TNG (Hot!)
  • Money Robot
  • SemRush
  • Mass Planner
  • MajesticSeo
  • SeoMoz
  • BuzzSumo
  • Mass Video Blaster Pro
  • Screaming Frog Seo Spyder
  • Video Spin Blaster Pro
  • Video Marketing Blaster Pro
  • Free Captcha Service
  • Article Builder
  • Premium SEnuke Templates
  • The Best Spinner
  • Inspyder Backlink Monitor
  • Scrapebox
  • Rank Tracker
  • Website Auditor
  • Seo Spyglass
  • Link Assistant
  • Seo Powersuite
  • Buzz Bundle
  • SEnuke Profile Generator
  • Seo Content Machine
  • Pinterest Marketing Tools
  • Twitter Marketing Tools
  • Facebook Marketing Tools
  • Dropbox
  • Tool Requests!
  • Much More!

As promised, all of the tools listed above were present when I logged in. I was also surprised to find Adobe Master Collection CS6 and MS Office available for use immediately.

Another interesting tool not listed above is called Power Leads Pro. This little tool is basically a scraper that lets you scrape websites for sales leads. I set it to scrape Craigslist for people looking for web design services and it returned many results. For someone who is just starting out in web design or SEO, this tool can really help them find hot leads. If you were to purchase this software it would cost $97 per month.

All of the tools combined are a really great value IF they all work correctly. More on that in a moment.

Server Specs: Claimed Specs vs. Actual Specs

Scrapebox SENuke VPS is a little bit dodgy when it comes to claiming server specifications. They use terms like, “up to 30gb ram” and you are not told what the exact specs of your VPS will be prior to ordering.

vps specifications

They claim that you get a Xeon E3 3.7 Ghz x8, which I interpret to mean 8 cores. However, once you have access to the server you can see that the specs vary slightly. I was given two Xeon E3-1230 dual core processors which makes four total cores. They are each 3.30 Ghz which is not 3.7 Ghz but the difference is minimal so I’m not really upset about it.

I was given 8gb of RAM and a 60GB hard drive (SSD?). 40GB of the hard drive is consumed by the tools so you only have 20GB left to store things. This isn’t a big deal because most people use Dropbox with their VPS to easily move files around.

my VPS specs


I was pretty happy with the performance of my VPS. There is slight lag when using tools like Majestic or Moz. Overall the performance isn’t bad and I was actually impressed at the speed.

I’m using Ericom Blaze as a remote desktop client.

Accessing the Tools

Once you are logged into the VPS you will find an icon labeled “Tools.” Simply double-click the icon and a file will open with your available SEO tools.

When you want to access a tool simply double-click the icon and wait for the script to run. Once the script has finished running you will automatically be logged into whatever tool you are trying to use.

It’s really straightforward and the script only runs the first time you open an app.

seo tools vps
Just click on the tool you want to access and it will launch. Easy peezy!

The Tools: Do they work?

When I first opened up my VPS I was excited to try the all new SENuke TNG. I use RankerX for my Web 2.0 tasks so I was interested in trying another viable alternative. The VPS comes with SENuke TNG Pro which would cost your $147 per month if you bought it separately.

SENuke TNG Pro worked as described without any issues. There’s a bit of a learning curve with any new software so I’m excited to see what I can do with it over the next 30 days.

GSA SER was another story. I assume that most people would be purchasing this VPS to use SER and SENuke TNG which are the most valuable assets included.

In order to be able to use SER you have to use Ericom Blaze to access the VPS. I’m not sure why this is but it’s part of the deal. I had some minor issues setting this up but they were all self inflicted and not the fault of Scrapebox SENuke VPS.

Setting Up GSA SER

I wanted to test the VPS to see how it could handle running SER under stressful conditions. I setup a test project and grabbed Loopline’s Verified Blue Box List and imported some content from Kontent Machine. I have 70 private proxies from Blazing Proxies and they work really well.

I began the project at 100 threads to play it safe. I initially saw that when using 100 threads the CPU usage around 1%. I thought, “wow, this is good” and quickly increased to 300 threads. This is where the weirdest thing happened: SER stopped at 141 threads. I gave it some time and then moved the thread count to 1,000 but SER jumped up to around 200 threads but did not increase further.

On my VPS from Greencloud, the amount of threads I use directly impacts my CPU usage in SER. Although, the SER version provided from Scrapebox SENuke VPS is version 10.58, not the latest version. There have been numerous fixes since then so it’s possible they just need to update.

gsa ser
Notice I have the threads set to 1000 and the actual running threads is much less.

SENuke TNG and Other Tools

The rest of the tools appear to work as described. There is a bit of a lag but that might just be my remote connection.

Because there are so many tools I haven’t had time to test them all. Screaming Frog, SENuke, SER, Power Leads Pro, Majestic, and Moz all worked as described. The only issue I had was SER not reaching the correct amount of threads. Not sure why this happened.

How is it Possible to Offer So Many Tools So Cheap?

This is the six million dollar question! Here we have a service that will allow you to access thousands of dollars worth of SEO and marketing tools for only $40 per month. Hell, my Greencloud VPS costs me $66 per month and I have to supply my own tools.

When I first signed up I assumed that these tools would all be cracked or Warez and not have all the features of the legit licensed tools. While I still think some of the tools are cracked (why else would you run a script when a tool launches?), they do have all the features and functionality of their properly licensed counterparts.

Here are several scenarios that explain how Scrapebox SENuke VPS can offer everything so cheap:

Scenario 1. Tools are Cracked

Before logging in to my VPS I assumed ALL tools would be cracked. There are some tools here that are not cracked and appear legit.

Scenario 2. Relationships with Tool Creator / Extended License Purchase

It could be possible that the founder of Scrapebox SENuke VPS has relationships with the creators of these tools. Maybe he negotiated a deal for unlimited licensing for a flat monthly fee. While this may be the case in some instances, I doubt the founder of this blackhat VPS provider has some sort of licensing deal with Adobe. Jus’ Sayin’

Scenario 3. Purchasing Used Software Licenses

You can find licenses of GSA SER and other tools floating around on the internet. It could be possible that the owner of Scrapebox SENuke VPS buys up licenses whenever he can.

Conclusion: Most Tools are Cracked

While I want to give this company the benefit of the doubt, clearly they are using cracked software and reselling it ridiculously cheap.

What Type of User is Scrapebox SENuke VPS Suitable for?

This VPS/toolset is perfect for someone who isn’t a really heavy user or who is just needs to use tools lightly and sporadically. If you plan on doing heavy Google scraping or massive GSA SER blasting then this solution probably isn’t for you.

However, if you’re just needing to build a few links each month or you want to use SENuke to make or manage a Web 2.0 network then Scrapebox SENuke VPS might be a viable option for you. I don’t feel that this VPS has the power to scrape, process, and build links on a massive scale.

If you’re just looking to make links for your own website then $40 per month is a really good deal for you.


Overall Scrapebox SENuke VPS does what it’s supposed to do and functions as promised. I wouldn’t rely on this as a permanent solution but for someone just starting out with SEO it offers an inexpensive way to familiarize yourself with the most popular SEO tools.

I was impressed with the functionality in that all tools functioned as described and were able to be used almost instantly. Scrapebox SENuke VPS is not a scam as some have said in forums and on Facebook. They provide a service that will meet the needs of lite users and those who are just starting out.

If you are looking into doing heavy scraping or GSA SER use then it’s probably in your best interest to purchase a dedicated server or several, more power VPS setups.

If you have any questions please comment below and I’ll be happy to answer.

Disclaimer: I was NOT offered free service by the owners of Scrapebox SENuke VPS to do this review. I purchased one month of service for $40 out of my own pocket. That being said, you will find my affiliate links in this post. If this post helped you make a buying decision I would appreciate it if you would consider using my link to purchase your service. While I’m not in any way endorsing Scrapebox SENuke VPS, I did not experience any issues while using the service.

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