SEO Content Machine Review and Tutorial

SEO content machine

SEO Content Machine Review and Tutorial

Greetings SEO Infidels! I recently picked up a copy of SEO Content Machine (SCM) and I thought you all might enjoy a quick review and tutorial. I have been using Kontent Machine (KM) for all of my content generation needs and I was searching for something that puts out a higher quality. After about one month of daily use I finally feel comfortable enough to write a review and compare the two leading content generation softwares.

Can I Use Spun Content for Tier 1 Links?

Many people will advise against using spun content on your tier 1 links. While 100% original, handwritten content is always the best route to go, I have found that using high quality spun content can be a cost effective solution for those building large amounts of links. Plus, if the content is being created solely for the purpose of getting a link, then who cares what it sounds like.

Think about it like this: Good quality spun content will read like it was written by someone who’s primary language is not English. There will be some minor errors in context.. For example, if your original article is about chiropractic “adjustment”, the spinning software will change the word adjustment to “reposition.” It doesn’t sound 100% correct but it’s not creating a major issue and search engines will still index the content.

The quality of your content greatly depends on the article spinning software that you are using. I personally use both WordAi and Spin Rewriter when I need tier 1 content. SEO Content Machine also comes equipped with a free spinner called Soft Spin.

SEO Content Machine vs Kontent Machine

Both KM and SCM come with a lot of goodies that anyone in the IM world will find useful. Both apps can scrape articles, spin articles, and auto-post to WordPress blogs (makes it easy to manage a large PBN). With both apps having similar features, it’s hard to choose which one to purchase, especially if you’re getting started with internet marketing.


In the feature department, SEO Content Machine is the clear winner. Kontent Machine has all the features you need to scrape, spin, and export, however SEO Content Machine can do far more.

SCM seems to be focused on allowing the user to create extremely high quality content by providing things like:

  • Tier 1 Document Creator – This feature allows the user to scrape pieces of articles based on keywords. The user can then mix the blurbs together to create very high quality, original content.
  • Article Grabber – Use this feature to scrape articles based on keywords OR urls.
  • Content Combiner – Load articles from your computer and combine for original content.
  • Translate Content – Translate your articles in German, French, and other languages.
  • Google Suggest Scraper – Find tons of long tail keywords using this feature.
  • Image Scraper – Find relevant images from Google.

SCM also features a “Content Wizard” that makes the process go very smooth. KM has a wizard too, but it doesn’t give you as many options.

The only feature that Kontent Machine has SEO Content Machine beat on is the cloud campaigns and the API. KM lets you pull content directly into any supported link building software from their API. With SCM, you have to export the content and then manually import it. If SCM would add an API just like KM, they would corner the market.

How to Use SEO Content Machine

Using SEO Content Machine is a breeze. Simply fire up the software and use the Content Wizard to generate content.

First, you need to decide which format you want your articles to be exported as. For this tutorial we are going to export into RankerX format since it’s probably the best tier 1 Web 2.0 creator available right now.

seo content machine format selection
There’s lots of supported formats available.

Spinner Selection

Next, you need to select the spinner you want to use. I prefer Spin Rewriter because it’s a quite a bit faster than WordAi. You can use the free spinner that SCM provides, Soft Spin, if you don’t have a paid content spinner.

The quality of your output does depend somewhat on your spinner selection but you’ll see in a moment why SEO Content Machine is leaps and bounds above Kontent Machine.

SEO Content Machine spinner selection
Soft Spin is the free spinner. I prefer Spin rewriter over WordAi.

Keyword Selection

I have found that SCM has a much broader reach than Kontent Machine. You simply type in a base keyword (I used “WordPress” as a keyword for this tutorial) and SEO Content Machine spits out a bunch of related topics that will help you drill down and scrape the content you actually need.

When I try to scrape content with KM, if I use a very specific keyword I often get a “no content found” message. With SCM, I never have this issue.

content selection

Article Count, Quality, and Links

You are prompted to configure that amount of articles you need and how many paragraph variations you want per article. Or course, the more variations you select, the less readable the article will be. The amount of variations you select determine how many time the article can be reused.

You have to choose between “Readable” and “Unique” settings. I choose readable for tier 1 content. SCM warns you that the readable setting will be detected as duplicate content but when I tested the article using Copyscape, the content was 97% unique which is definitely unique enough for tier 1.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 8.54.57 PM

Finally, you will be able to input contextual links, images, or videos. You can embed anything you want but the embed will have to be supported by the platform you are posting to in order for it to work.

You then have the option to either start the project or configure some advanced options. Let’s look at the advanced options.

SEO Content Machine Advanced Options

The advanced options are where SCM really shines. You can really tweak your content and scrape some of the highest quality sites on the web. With a lot of scrapers you are limited to finding articles from places like E-Zine Articles and other questionable sites.

With SEO Content Machine you can scrape sites like Engadget, Hubpages, eHow, Huff Post, and more. This lets you capture extremely high quality content and not the usual crap you get from E-Zine articles.

scrape huffington post
Look at all these sites you get to scrape!
scrape e how
You can pull content from eHow for awesome “How To” articles!

There are oodles of other features that allow you fine tune your project. I’m not going to get into every single little feature, but rest assured there are plenty.

Tier 1 Content Creator

SEO Content Machine come equipped with a t1 content creation app that lets you mix and mash articles and generate huge super spun t1 articles.

All you need to do is enter 1 or more keywords into the search area. SCM will scrape the web to find related articles. You also have the option to import locally stored articles if you have a bunch of PLR content sitting around.

Look at all the options for mashing articles together!
Look at all the options for mashing articles together!

In the above image I used the Snippet Finder to locate snippets about WP themes. Look towards the bottom left and you will see the tool that allows you to filter snippets based on topic (problem, features, etc.).

All you have to do is double click a snippet and it gets added to your document. You can use the Generate Article button to let SCM do the heavy lifting for you but if you want more control you can simply do it manually.

Auto Post to WordPress Sites

Another feature that SCM includes is the ability to post generated content directly onto WP sites and PBNs. If you’re selling PBN links or you have a massive network, this will help you out quite a bit. Both KM and RankerX also give you the ability to manage your PBNs but with RankerX you have to import the content so using SCM directly will save you a step.

Learn how to add private networks to RankerX here.

Article Downloader

SEO Content Machine also gives you the ability to scrape articles without any spinning involved. This can help you if you need to grab some articles to mash together later on.

I personally have not used this feature because I’m always generating content for seo software and it always needs to be spun. It’s nice to have it on deck though.

Final Thoughts

Overall, SEO Content Machine is a beast at everything it does. I believe the software often gets overlooked because so many people have touted Kontent Machine as the go-to option for massive content generation.

Just having the ability to easily scrape sites like eHow, Huff Post, and Hubpages make SCM a super valuable asset. When you add in all the other features it’s clear that the developer behind SCM really put some thought into how people would be using his tool.

After using SCM for around one month, I am probably not going back to using KM. The quality and features that come with SCM make it my first choice for content creation.

I’m not trying to say that Kontent Machine is not a good tool. What I’m saying is that SEO Content Machine comes with more features and does a very good job of spitting out highly readable content that will make it easier for search engines to index your links.

Plus, SCM is less expensive, only costing $27 per month or $118 per year. There is also a lifetime option available. KM costs $37 per month or $217 for lifetime access. SCM offers a five day free trial that lets you use the software in full before purchasing. KM does not offer a free trial at this time.

You can get a free trial of SEO Content Machine below. Yes, it’s an affiliate link and if you found this article helpful I would appreciate it if you would use it when purchasing SCM. Affiliate links help me keep costs down in the marketplace by providing supplemental income. Plus, it takes a long time to write these tutorials. 😉

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