Spin Rewriter Review – Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did!

Spin Rewriter Review

Spin Rewriter 8.0 Review

Updated 06/14/2018

New Update on Spinrewriter: Spinrewriter is now on version 8.0. I’ve tried pretty much every article spinning software on the market and I can without a doubt that Spinrewriter 8.0 is the best there is. The content indexes in Google no problem and reads well without any editing.

I made a huge mistake when buying Spin Rewriter. No, my mistake wasn’t buying the product itself. My mistake was not buying the Gold Membership when it was presented at a discount during the purchasing process. I know what you’re thinking, “upsells are just ways for the marketer to make more money!” While this is generally true, the upsells that come along with the Spin Rewriter are loaded with real value.

Read on to learn all about SpinRewriter 8.0 (latest version) and the reasons why you should, or shouldn’t buy this product.

Creating Content is Difficult!

As internet marketers, our success often depends on our ability to create unique, rich content that will engage our readers and urge them to purchase our products. I know that I often sit, staring at the computer screen, wondering how Im going to come up with my next post that’s usually on a subject that I’m not an expert in.

We also often require content for link building campaigns and PBN posts. This is a whole different story as for this purpose, we need to come up with sometimes thousands of unique articles for just one campaign. If you’re using automated link building software like RankerX of GSA SER, you know that sourcing original content for your campaigns is probably the most difficult part.

Quality Content is Important

You can always tell when you visit a website that is using spun content. At best, the article reads like it was written by someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language and at worst you cannot even make sense of the text on the screen. As Google gets more and more advance, jibberish articles packed with links aren’t going to do your website any good and might actually do damage to your rankings.

Mass article creators like Kontent Machine are great for your 2nd or 3rd tier links but that still leaves you needing a solution for your tier 1 powerhouse links. Try as I might, I never been able to extract an article I would feel good using on Tier 1 with Kontent Machine. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kontent Machine and it saves me hours every day, but using it for Tier 1 content would be website suicide.

Spin Rewriter is the Answer!

When looking for a spinner that I could use for tier 1 links I tried out almost everything on the market. The ones that turned out the best were Spin Rewriter and WordAi Turing. This article isn’t a head to head comparison against the two so I won’t go into detail about WordAi but my reason for choosing Spin Rewriter was that the quality is exactly the same and Spin Rewriter costs over $200 less per year.

I have never been so impressed with a content spinner. Spin Rewriter can rewrite your articles perfectly with just one click. I feel really good about using the one click rewriting for my tier 1 properties but when I need content for a money site I can load articles in and manually rewrite the so there is no risk of errors whatsoever.

Spin Rewriter Features

  • Fetch relevant articles based on seed keywords for spinning in just few seconds. You get access to a massive database of over 126,000 high quality articles.
  • Processing speed increased by 80% over Spin Rewriter 5, the developer reduced the time it takes to spin a larger article. I can spin an 800 word article in seconds.
  • Spin Rewriter integrates with Microsoft Word to complete spell checking and grammar checking.
  • Integrates with most SEO software including Kontent Machine, RankerX, Big Content Search, and more.
  • Can auto insert images and YouTube videos.
  • And many more awesome features once if you find out then you will start using it.

My Favorite Features

API Integration

Spin Rewriter integrates with almost any SEO software. This allows you to post high quality articles quickly and easily. The only drawback is that you only get something like 300 API requests every 24 hours. You can quickly burn through this if you’re doing multiple campaigns. The developer does not currently offer a plan for heavy API users but maybe they will in the future.

Article Fetching

This is a huge time saver. You simply enter your keywords and Spin Rewriter spits out a nice article that you can spin. Gold Members get a monthly allotment of articles that they are allowed to fetch.

Click to Spin

This is what I use to create money site content. You simply feed an article into Spin Rewriter and then click each word to get synonyms. You can even add your very own synonyms to use later. The software learns from it’s users and gets smarter everyday.

Rewrite Multiple Articles

You can copy/paste up to 10 articles and spin them. You have the option to either download the completed articles or you can download them in Spintax format. You can also import articles from files if you need to. It only takes a few moments to churn out 10 unique articles that are ready to post. The only drawback is that you can only spin 10 articles at a time. This is to reduce the server load.

Ease of Use

Spin Rewriter is incredibly easy to use and anyone who can read will no have no problem churning out loads of content. When I first signed up for the trial I was so impressed at how quickly I was able to mast all facets of the program.

Just because it’s easy to use doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. I discover new tricks every time I log in. For example, I completely forgot about the article fetching until one day I mistakenly clicked a button and was prompted to enter keywords.

Gold Membership

The price for the gold membership is $49 unless you purchase it during the sign up process. I said no to the gold membership during sign up and I ended up going back afterwards to buy it. With the gold membership you get access to priority servers for faster spinning and you even get 50 free Spintax articles each month. This means that Spin Rewriter will fetch 50 articles and spin them for you every month.

Gold Membership Features:

  • 50 Free articles every month. These are delivered right to your email and your Spin Rewriter Archive.
  • Limited access account for your virtual assistant. This allows you to give your VA access to Spin Rewriter with limited features. They won’t be able to delete anything or change the password but they will be able to spin articles for you so you don’t have to.
  • iPhone and Android App. This lets you spin your articles on the go. Imagine being able to spin from anywhere! This is real time saver.
  • Priority Servers for faster spinning. This helps you beat the crowds and makes Spin Rewriter even faster. You get priority access to a special server that speeds spinning times by a huge margin. If you thought it was fast before, wait until you get on the priority server.
  • Priority support. I’ve never used this but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Overall Impression of Spin Rewriter

Overall I found this software extremely helpful and I use it everyday in some form or another. Whether I’m manually spinning content for a money site of using the API to generate mass amounts of articles, I use Spin Rewriter daily.

If you are considering WordAI Turing or another spinning software I strongly urge you to at least sign up for the free trial from Spin Rewriter. You can cancel easily with one click by logging into paypal if you decide it’s not for you. Heck, if you just need a few articles for a one time project you can sign up for the trial and then just cancel. At the very least you’ll get a bunch of good content for nothing.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs a content spinning and generation solution. It;s cheaper than WordAi Turing which is the only other comparable spinner. Kontent Machine (while really good) doesn’t hold a candle to Spin Rewriter in terms of quality. I guarantee you will be really impressed if you give Spin Rewriter a try.

If you want to try Spin Rewriter please consider using our affiliate link. Affiliate sales help us keep our prices low when providing you with high quality white label SEO Services.

Our Affiliate Link: Click Here to Try Spin Rewriter – Risk Free!

Spin Rewriter Examples and Screen Shots

Original Sentence: As internet marketers, our success often depends on our ability to create unique, rich content that will engage our readers and urge them to purchase our products.

Spun Sentence: As web marketing professionals, our success commonly relies on our capability to produce distinct, abundant material that will certainly captivate our visitors and also advise them to buy our items.

The above was generated using the Medium Readability setting without protecting any words. As you can see Spin Rewriter puts out high quality content even in Medium mode.

Spin Rewriter Review
This is what you see when you paste in your article.


spin rewriter settings
Here are some of the advanced settings you can apply when using Spin Rewriter. This helps when you need to use one article to create many spun variations.
Spin Rewriter Quality Settings
Here are the “I’m Feeling Lucky” settings. I’m Feeling Lucky is a one click spinning option. It usually works well if you need a quick piece of content.
synonym examples
Here is what happens when you click on a word to manually rewrite it. You are presented with a list of synonyms to choose from. You can also select to use every synonym or to use only the top synonyms. This makes it very easy to manually spin money site content.
spin rewriter settings
More settings you can play with.
Spin Rewriter settings
Here are the main quality settings. You can protect capitalized words and phrases if needed.


buy spin rewriter
If you enjoyed this post please consider buying Spin Rewriter. You will be helping to support the blog and keep our costs low.
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2 thoughts on “Spin Rewriter Review – Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did!”

  1. Hey man, really enjoying all these articles, I’m still skeptical on spun content and what kind of quality it produces, surely it cannot produce money site content? maybe tier 1 🙂

    1. Hi Sam,

      You are correct, the spinner will not produce money site content all by itself. Spin Rewriter and Word AI Turing are both good for Tier 1 content.

      The real value in these spinners is that you can take an article, load it into Spin Rewriter, and then manually spin it in about 20 minutes. This will give you money site quality content much fast than writing it yourself. It will come back 99% unique since you spun it by hand.

      All you have to do is click on the word and a list of synonyms will appear. Simply select the one that reads good or enter one on your own. This saves me tons of time when I need super high quality filler content for a money site.

      Not to mention, if you’re using software like SER you can spin blog comments for in your niche. Spin Rewriter is my favorite spinner although WordAI Turing is slightly better quality. WordAI Turing takes forever to spin one article where Spin Rewriter knocks it out in about 30 seconds

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